Here's some info about the host of RAYDIY, what the goals are, what tools I use, etc.

Aye Aye, Sir!

Yes, funny name, but it is actually my last name: Aye.
First name is René. And that explains RAYDIY:
R + AY and DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

ESP32 WortUhr
Midi Word Clock: the famous word clock design in table clock size. This will certainly be discussed in more detail.

Officially trained media designer, I'm self-employed since 2005. I create everything from print and digital media. I've also been working a lot with Blender and 3D visualization (even before Blender was cool, by the way).

Finally, over the years I dove further and further into programming for web as well as app and game development - since 2010 I've also been programming professionally.

Voltage Clock: three voltmeters converted to a clock in a beautiful wooden case and a touch of Steampunk.

The topics I cover at RAYDIY are a perfect mixed bag for me:

  • Tinkering and product design in CAD program
  • Prototype development using 3D printing
  • programming of e.g. microcontrollers
  • and in the end creating a working product design

For me, it's a very satisfying process that I share with you via this blog and my YouTube channel and encourage you to copy.