Here's some info about the host of RAYDIY, what the goals are, what tools I use, etc.

Under the black fabric in the corner sits the camera behind my DIY teleprompter (which works amazingly well). In case anyone is wondering about the hot water bottle: this is the counterweight to the large condenser mic.


Aye Aye, Sir!

Yes, funny name, but it is actually my last name: Aye.
First name is René. And that explains RAYDIY:
R + AY and DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

Midi Word Clock: the famous word clock design in table clock size. This will certainly be discussed in more detail.

Officially trained media designer, I'm self-employed since 2005. I create everything from print and digital media. I've also been working a lot with Blender and 3D visualization (even before Blender was cool, by the way).

Finally, over the years I dove further and further into programming for web as well as app and game development - since 2010 I've also been programming professionally.

Voltage Clock: three voltmeters converted to a clock in a beautiful wooden case and a touch of Steampunk.

The topics I cover at RAYDIY are a perfect mixed bag for me:

  • Tinkering and product design in CAD program
  • Prototype development using 3D printing
  • programming of e.g. microcontrollers
  • and in the end creating a working product design

For me, it's a very satisfying process that I share with you via this blog and my YouTube channel and encourage you to copy.

Said refrigerator and next to it my most important tool: the coffee machine! Yep, the milk foam is a bit exaggerated 🙂

It would be a dream come true if RAYDIY could fill my fridge. And that's where you guys come in, of course - you can't do it without your support!

Today (as of 03/15/2021), the affiliate links I use in my articles and YouTube videos are the only source of income. If you want to support this channel, you can do so via the links you can find at the end of my articles and YouTube descriptions.

The price will not change for you! You don't even have to buy the product itself - it's enough to buy something else right after the click ... TV, space shuttle or similar 😉


Another important step is to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube. So feel free to share my videos or blog articles on the social networks. Every follower or subscriber helps.

Also up for discussion are Patreon or selling the projects as kits or fully assembled. However, the latter has some regulatory requirements that would have to be met - meh.

For more complex projects I can imagine Kickstarter funding, like for my floppy disk clock (see picture).

Keep checking back or even better: subscribe to my YouTube channel, there will surely be updates.

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